Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 (Random) Make Up Products I Can't Live Without

I LOVE make-up. I don't always wear a lot because I spend most of my time at work, but if it were appropriate, I'd look like a movie star every day. These are just a few of the products that I find amazing for both everyday looks and going out looks. (Clockwise starting with CG smoothers)

1. CoverGirl CG Smothers Tinted Moisturizer
Thank you CoverGirl, because my bratty, snobby self almost forgot how wonderful drugstore beauty products can be! When I purchased Lancome's $46 TM, thinking that I could hydrate my skin while also evening out my skintone...well, I was wrong. Maybe this is what everyone else is looking for, but department store brands make this stuff think and creamy just like concealer. My idea of a tinted moisturizer was a light, tinted covering that wouldnt necessarily feel like make-up. At $6 dollars, I don't care what everyone else needs. I love CG smoothers!

2. Diorshow Blackout Mascara
Without makeup, my eyelashes are average. With Diorshow, I get compliments almost every day on my long, thick lashes. Trust. While my first use was overwhelming and a little too clumpy, the second try was perfect along with every use thereafter. This masacara is WELL WORTH the 25 bucks. For me, its not that big of a deal to shell out 25 every few months on something I use happily every day.

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette(s)
All of the Urban Decay colorbooks are awesome, but the one pictured above is my favorite. The two colors on the end go perfectly together. I do the dark brown in the corner and crease of my eye with the gold on my lid...fabulous! I do warn you, though. They are very shimmery and sparkly so I would not recommend using them after you have applied the rest of your make-up because you might look like you're stuck in the 90's with glitter all over your cheeks :). Though I don't use the blue color as often (I have brown eyes), I could write pages on the uses I've found for most of the colors. Its around 30 dollars, but I use this a LOT and I've had it for over a year!

4. Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter
First of all, if you are not familiar with highlighter, check this article out. College Candy's Caitlin is beautiful and knows a thing or two about makeup. Though she uses a powder which can be applied a little differently, but her video shows how and where to put on highlighter. It can really brighten up your face! I seriously recommend this product for so many reasons. It can brighten you up with just a dab anywhere from your brow and cheekbones to right in your inner eyelid next to your nose. It even fixes dark circles! If you aren't convinced enough to buy benefit brand, almost every drugstore brand makes a similar product. I won't make any suggestions because I can't think of one I have tried.

5. Sephora Brand Smokey Eye Palette
If it's night time and I have plans (or not), you can bet I'm wearing a smokey eye look. If I had a better social life, it'd be my trademark. I used to wear smokey colors, but never did I know how amazing a shit ton of eye make-up can look when applied correctly! The Sephora kit colors are great, and you actually get a highlighter as one of the colors (you could skip number 4). The colors blend really easily, but they don't rub off at all. The only thing I can say that makes the product a little less worth the price (I think $38?) is that it comes with a little stubby brush. You DEFINITELY need your own brushes for this, and you really need to have good ones! I also would only recommend this to anyone that is experienced with applying makeup (perhaps i'll make a video sometime) or someone who doesn't mind practicing this look first.

6. Stila Smudge Pots
Oh. My. God. Not a stick. Not a liduid. How can this be eyeliner?!!! Well, it is, and I'll tell you its the best freaking eyeliner ever. I bought the pictured sample pack which costs about the price of one pot and gives you 4 colors. Yeah, they're smaller, but you get a variety of something that lasts forEVER. I've been using the black for months and have barely made a dent. So here's the deal, this stuff is a creamy matte eyeliner in a little pot. You can use a thin brush or an angled brush to apply it, and you can wear it either smudged or in a clear, thin line. This stuff is soo incredibly easy to apply, and it takes 2 seconds, so it's great for everyday use. PLEASE if you try any of these, make it this one!

7. Mac Black Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner, why do you have to look so beautiful when you are so hard to apply? Although it always takes me like 453 years to apply liquid eyeliner, I love the way it looks. It's super defined for night looks and can be really chic by its self for an everyday Lauren Conrad-esque look. This eyeliner fom MAC makes it a little easier because it's a fine-tipped pen that is simple and easy to hold. It doesn't do that funky smudgy nasty thing that cheap felt tip pens do either. Because I usually use number 6 as eyeliner, this liquid will last forever for me.

And there you have it! Anyone ever tried these? What'd you think?


  1. Thanks for the great advice!! I also use the Dior Show Mascara and it is fab! I'm defintly going to try to get my hands on the stila smudge pots, it sounds like a winner product. At the moment I am working two different eyeliners: a black kohl from Sephora and a black kohl from organic-paraben-free-eco-freak brand Dr. Hauschka. Much to my surprise the Dr. Hauschka one is actually brilliant!! Can certainly recommend it. Also I love the eye shadows from Estee Lauder, they last all day.

  2. awesome! I also have a black kohl from sephora..actually, the smokey eye kit comes with one thats really decent! thankd for the tips

  3. I've always wanted to try Benefit's High Beam. I think I'll have to snag some the next time I go to Sephora! :)

    Cute blog, by the way!