Monday, February 15, 2010

Forever 21: Cheap or Chic?

Soo many bloggers love to write about Forever 21. Half of the time they're preaching "never shop there! You get what you pay for!" while others show off the "steals" and designer look-alikes (some even do both!). Well, here I am to give my two cents as, of course, a list!

  • Forever 21 sells clothes at a very low price. My motto: you get what you pay for. BUT there are so many reasons why this doesn't apply here.
  • With that said, I'd like to point out that F21 is not for investment pieces. Want to try a new trend? Great...spend 5-10 bucks on that new statement necklace/motorcycle jacket. It's not going to be popular in two years anyway. IMO, trends usually do not become investment pieces. 
  • Wait..your new perfect v-neck t-shirt got a hole in it? And you've had it for only 3 months? You should have bought two since they were only $3.50! I personally have never wanted to keep a plain black or white T-shirt for over a year or so, since no matter what the price, they become discolored/stained/etc. 
  • Hold on, what was that? Last season's trendy leggings are here to stay? Okay, simply upgrade to a $40 pair of INC's. Just make sure you head back to F21 when you want a pair with studs, zippers, or other embellishments.
  • In September I bought a pair of dark skinny jeans at F21. Just wanted everyone to know that they are still dark, skinny, snug, and in tact. they were $7.50. I'll buy three more next year and spend less than I did on those True Religions that don't even tuck into my boots nicely.
So, there you have it. Forever 21 is legit because even the cutest/ longest lasting trends have to get a test-run,
and there's no need to invest so quickly. What do ya think?